A Whole Herd of Depraved West-Cats!

Yup! I’ve got a load more Lolcat Jim West contest entries! I’ve put all of them on one page.


New to the list are Chuck Grantham and Laine Clayton! And some additional ones by folks who submitted earlier

Any new entries will also go on the same page at the top.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted already!


Here’s one I just made, but its not in the competition

And one more from my brother

O.K., so my “dear” brother Allen seems not so much a fan of Jim West’s blog as he is a stout defender of family honor. Here is his latest entry to the Tick-Off Dr. Jim With a Lolcat Roast Jim West with a Lolcat Contest.

What a guy. Anyway, go here and here for previous entries and here for the contest rules.

Even MORE Jim West Lolcat pics entered for the contest!

Matthew Crow, over at Fistful of Farthings has now entered the contest to lolcat Jim West!


Matthew has also commented rather favourably on the Lolcat Bible project here.

For earlier entries, go here and the contest announcement and rules, here.

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Jim West Lolcat Contest Entries!

We have some entries for the Jim West Lolcat contest announced here!

Here is Jason Gardner’s in all of its Bultmannian glory!

Jason Gardner



My own dear brother Allen, who doesn’t know Jim West except for the doubtlessly true reports of his depravity here, has his own entry (don’t worry, Dr. Jim will not vote for the winner!)

Allen Linville


Joel Watt made a number of lolcats. I will leave it up to your imagination what this says about his relationship with the good Dr. West. I don’t think he used the I can has Cheezburger site to make them but my official judgement is that they all qualify. Unfortunately, one of the photos had a detached caption, which I sort of reattached.

"Luther Dog and Zwingli Cat or Zwingli Dog and Luther Cat?" by Joel Watts


Joel Watts 1




Joel Watts 2









So hurry up and get your entries in! I will keep the entries open until the new biblioblogger rankings are out, then I will set up some way of voting for your favourite! The winner will win a great (and until the day, secret) prize!

To make a lolcat of Dr. West (or anything else) go to http://cheezburger.com/Builder#Cats and away you go! For the contest, the photo has to include a cat. See the other rules (and some of my non-competing West-Kittehs) on the link at the start of this post.


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